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Daily Online Drop-in Yoga classes From Rishikesh India

Daily Drop in Classes are the best way to learn and using your free time when you want to improve through learning other than the regular yoga courses. All the Yogi/Yogini who want to learn yoga in a short while should enroll for the drop-in yoga classes in ,,Soham Yoga School,, Only a (person with lots of experience/person who is knowledgeable yoga teacher), professional & perfect skilled yogi can carve your yogic skills. With these qualities, we teach yoga.

The drop-in classes in Rishikesh are constructed in a sublime manner to stimulate your body, mind, and soul. Every practice session will be initiated with the spiritual chanting of Mantras to invoke the blessings of the Universe upon you, which will set the transcendental tone for the entire duration of the class. Mantra chanting is a proven way of generating concentration and reflection upon the self, resulting in mental tranquility.

Our skilled and experienced Yoga Gurus will cater to your every need by paying individual attention to you and assisting with your posture, alignment, and breathing patterns. They will also readily answer any FAQs that you may need to be clarified. The primary focus in these drop-in sessions will be on an array of Aasanas pertaining to the Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa forms of Yoga. With well-informed insight and demonstrations on each Aasana, our Gurus will create the perfect atmosphere to moderate your stress and tame your boisterous mind.

In addition to Aasana practice, crucial emphasis will also be focused on Praanaayaama, the conscious regulation of your breathing pattern. Our Gurus will take you through the process to rectify your breathing style with the help of Guided Meditation post-practice in order to ease your senses and relax your body. The drop-in sessions in Rishikesh at Arogya Yoga School are guaranteed to leave you rejuvenated, unwound, one with yourself, and euphoric.

The drop-in classes in Rishikesh do not have stipulated batches or registration processes. You just have to arrive! For a holistic Yogic experience, visit Soham Yoga School during the times mentioned below. We await your glorious presence at our humble abode!

Welcome to Soham Yoga School, where we redefine the online yoga experience, blending expertise, intimacy, and innovation to create a space that nurtures your well-being.

Expertise Unveiled:

Our instructors are more than guides; they're mentors deeply immersed in the art and science of yoga. With years of experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge to every session, seamlessly blending traditional wisdom with modern insights. Expect not just poses but a profound understanding of yoga's transformative potential.

Intimacy in Every Breath:

In our small-group setting, you are not just a participant; you are an integral part of a supportive community. With limited class sizes, we ensure that each breath, every movement, is observed and nurtured. This personal touch transforms your practice into a journey of self-discovery, fostering a unique connection with both your body and fellow participants.

Innovative Practices, Infinite Possibilities:

Diversity is the heartbeat of our classes. Experience the fusion of classic and contemporary yoga styles. From the fluidity of Vinyasa to the depth of Hatha, our classes are a playground of possibilities. Explore and evolve, as we tailor the practice to your individual needs, breaking barriers and expanding horizons.

Beyond Asanas:

At Soham, we believe yoga is not just about physical postures. It's a holistic journey encompassing mind, body, and spirit. Our sessions delve into breathwork and mindfulness, guiding you to a profound awareness of the present moment. Unearth a new level of serenity as you harmonize breath with movement, unlocking a deeper, transformative experience.

Your Time, Your Terms:

Life is dynamic, and so is our schedule. Our flexible class timings empower you to choose sessions that seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Yoga becomes not just a routine but a lifestyle, fostering consistency and long-term well-being.

Community, Connectivity, Compassion:

Connect with a community that transcends physical boundaries. Our interactive platform encourages dialogue, creating a virtual space where stories are shared, challenges are overcome, and victories are celebrated. Experience the genuine warmth of a community that understands and supports your journey.

Join Soham Yoga School Today:

Elevate your yoga practice, explore the uncharted, and cultivate a vibrant well-being that extends beyond the mat. Sign up today and step into a world where expertise, intimacy, and innovation converge, setting the stage for a truly transformative yoga experience. Namaste.

Welcome to Soham Yoga School Online Group Classes!

Welcome to Soham Yoga School, where we transcend geographical borders to bring the essence of yoga to you, regardless of where you are in the world. Our online yoga classes are thoughtfully designed to provide a tailored experience for both our international and Indian students.



For Our International Students:

Embark Confidently with a Free Demo Class

Begin your yoga journey with confidence. Our free demo class extends a warm invitation to explore the heart of Soham Yoga without any financial commitment. We understand that stepping onto the path of yoga can be an exciting yet uncertain journey. This is why we offer you the opportunity to experience our unique approach before making any decisions. 

Flexible Options for Global Yogis:

Single Class Access: Only $5 USD

Dive into the world of online yoga with a single class pass priced at just $5 USD. Each class is a unique exploration of movement and mindfulness, led by experienced instructors dedicated to helping you discover the joy and benefits of yoga. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned yogi, you'll find classes that cater to your needs and preferences.

Monthly Membership: Just $52 USD

Commit to your well-being with our monthly membership. For only $52 USD, you gain unlimited access to a diverse range of classes for an entire month. Our virtual studio offers a holistic approach to health, with classes ranging from calming meditation to dynamic Vinyasa. We're here to support your physical vitality and inner peace.

Special Offer for International Guests:

We appreciate your dedication to yoga, and as a gesture of gratitude, we're extending a special promotion exclusively for our international guests. When you enroll in one paid class, you will receive another class absolutely free. This unique offer is designed to encourage you to explore the rich tapestry of our virtual classes, each contributing to your well-being and inner harmony. Our mission is to provide you with a fulfilling and transformative yoga experience, and this special promotion is our way of supporting your journey.

Note: Prices are subject to change. Connect with us for more details and to start your transformative journey in our digital sanctuary.

For Our Indian Students:

Embark on a Digital Yoga Journey: Complimentary Online Demo Class

Begin your exploration with confidence through our gift to you—a complimentary online demo class. Experience the essence of Soham Yoga School from the comfort of your own space. Our skilled instructors guide you through a session that blends movement, mindfulness, and the profound teachings of yoga. This free class is an invitation to sample the unique offerings of our virtual studio, ensuring you feel the positive impact before committing to your wellness journey.

Flexible Paths to Wellness:

Single Class Access:

Take a step into the world of online yoga with a single class pass for just 200 INR. Each session is meticulously crafted to provide a unique experience, allowing you to explore various styles and discover what resonates with you.

Monthly Membership: Elevate Your Practice for 2000 INR

Commit to your well-being with our monthly membership, granting you unlimited access to diverse classes for 2000 INR. From the tranquility of meditation to the dynamism of Vinyasa, our virtual studio offers a holistic approach to your health.

Unlock More: Special Online Joining Bonus

Join one online class, and receive another class absolutely free! This exclusive offer is our way of rewarding your commitment to self-care. Dive deeper into the rich tapestry of our virtual classes, experiencing the varied benefits each session contributes to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

A Digital Haven for Holistic Growth:

Beyond the postures and poses, Soham Yoga School's online platform is a community where well-being is a shared journey. Engage with like-minded individuals, access valuable resources, and discover a supportive environment that goes beyond the constraints of physical studios.

Join Us in the Digital Space:

Step onto the virtual mat at Soham Yoga School—a place where the ancient meets the digital, and where your well-being is at the forefront. Every click brings you closer to a healthier, more balanced version of yourself.

Note: Prices are subject to change. Connect with us for more details and to start your transformative journey in our digital sanctuary.

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07:00 am to 08:00 am

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Yoga Asana/Pranayama

300 Rs./Per Class

300 Rs./Per Class

300 Rs./Per Class

Daily Online Drop-in Yoga Classes From Rishikesh

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